Who We Are

My name is Anna Bokhari and I am a hardworking and passionate product maker, honing my craft every day.

When setting up Honey I'm Home, I knew that I would never compromise on quality. This company, which has been in the making since I was 13 years old, will be based on integrity and honesty.

Every signature blend we have created for our Perfumed Surround is custom made, frantically redone till a sharp note of perfection is achieved.

Perfumed Surround is a quality our candles are known to have, with an unmatched throw and unparalleled burn time.

It is the finest ingredients that make a product worth investing in. Beeswax, in particular, helps promote mental health, eases physiological symptoms of allergies, asthma, and cleans the air of toxic pollutants when burned.

Our Story
Our Story
Our Story

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