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Shahtoosh Oud of Isfahan in Silk ~ Jar Rouge

100 % PURE BEESOY | 4 WICK Volume: 1.8 KG | BURN TIME: 256 HOURS 

Top Notes: Saffron & Amber

Heart Notes: Rose, Silk & Patchouli

Base Notes: Oud & Sandalwood

Like the rich textures of an heirloom held, worn, felt and lovingly passed down for generations, Shahtoosh is an intense amalgamation of regality and heritage.
An oasis in time, the scent of the finest sourced Oud of Isfahan in pure silk embodies luxury and legacy, keeping your home reminiscent of it.
Crafted in a signature glass design, the red jar represents love, passion and courage.

25,000 20,000

We at Honey I’m Home take pride in the perfumed surround our artisan scented candles create. Playing into the ambiance of a space and creating a memory through the sense of smell with an unmatched throw & unparalleled burn time. Every signature blend created for our Perfumed Surround is custom made, frantically redone till a sharp note of perfection is achieved.

Honey, I’m Home Candles are made using a premium blend of Beeswax & Soy ~ derived from 100% natural, sustainable and renewable sources. 
Beeswax is known to eliminate allergens, odors, dust, pollen and mould in the air when burned. 
A BeeSoy combination allows the intense fragrance load, clean burn and steady throw our candles are known to have.