The Residence Series Gift Box (Set of 3)

12,500 10,000

Each candle: Volume 300 grams | Burn time 48+ hrs | Single wick


Fragrances :

  • – Shahtoosh (Oud of Isfahan in Silk – Jar Rouge)
  • – Velvet Rose & Tweed (Rose, Chili Leaf & Redwood Bark – Jar Noir)
  • – Lace & Suede (Blue Lily, Peony Bloom & Satin Thread -Jar Blanc)


The most luxurious fragrances from our Residence Series have come together. Indulge your loved ones with a gift that’ll make memories worth a lifetime.

We describe this gift set as a walk through everything that makes your world wonderful: jar Rouge for love & passion, jar Blanc for tranquility & peace, jar Noir for grounding and strength.


The box is 14” in height and 4.5” wide, stands vertical like a champagne box. The drawer of candles slides out with a ribbon revealing 3 exclusive candles each weighing 300 grams with a burn time of 48+ Hrs each.

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