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Velvet Rose & Tweed Rose, Chili Leaf & Redwood Bark ~ Jar Noir

100 % PURE BEESOY | 4 WICK Volume: 1.8 KG | BURN TIME: 256 HOURS 

Top Notes: Cypress & Bergamot

Heart Notes: Redwood, Tobacco & Chili Leaf

Base Notes: Bourbon Rose Intense

Let the mysterious woody notes laid on a base of rose sway you back to the memory of your first love, the last slow dance of the night.

A combination of rose, the inner lining of a fiery chili leaf, and redwood bark will leave your room and heart scented with the subtle embrace of passion and grounding.

Crafted in a signature glass design, the black jar represents grounding and strength, with a hint of mystery.

25,000 20,000

We at Honey I’m Home take pride in the perfumed surround our artisan scented candles create. Playing into the ambiance of a space and creating a memory through the sense of smell with an unmatched throw & unparalleled burn time. Every signature blend created for our Perfumed Surround is custom made, frantically redone till a sharp note of perfection is achieved.

Honey, I’m Home Candles are made using a premium blend of Beeswax & Soy ~ derived from 100% natural, sustainable and renewable sources. 
Beeswax is known to eliminate allergens, odors, dust, pollen and mould in the air when burned. 
A BeeSoy combination allows the intense fragrance load, clean burn and steady throw our candles are known to have.